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Terms & Conditions

* WS will not Include overly promotional wording in your article. This is against Wikipedia’s community guidelines. 
* Under no circumstances will we put information in an article that we cannot tie to a reliable source.
* WS will not create a SPAM/advertising article that is not notable and can not be published on Wikipedia.
* The estimated date of completion can not be guaranteed, and could be earlier or later depending on circumstances. 
* Work will only proceed when the agreed deposit has been payed by the client. 
* Withheld content and information by the client, may cause delays. WS can not be held responsible for unforeseen outcomes of the project due to these delays.

* Deposit payments are non-refundable seven days after a project has commenced. 
* As Wikipedia is an open source, WS can not guarantee the “wording” or “layout” to the suggested amendments prior to commencing with the project. 
* It is the clients responsibility to inform us that an attempt(s) of publishing their Wikipedia entry has been deleted in the past, if WS is not informed about these circumstances we have no obligation to return the deposit paid prior to commencing work,  if the requested Wikipedia entry is deleted shortly after publishing. 
* As Wikipedia is an open source, and anyone can edit or amend a page. WS is under no obligation to refund an agreed project fee if the Wikipedia entry or edit is deleted/reverted fifteen days after the project has been completed, regardless of the "reason for deletion". However in certain cases, out of goodwill WS will revert or reinstate certain Wikipedia entries after they are affected, but the organisation has no obligation to do so.

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