Wikipedia Eligibility Check  

If you are interested in publishing a Wikipedia page for your organization, yourself or a client in the near future, it is important to take the correct steps in the months or weeks prior to getting started

There have been many cases of inexperienced editors just "giving it a go", without doing the necessary research & checks. Once their Wikipedia page is published it almost instantly gets deleted, due to not adhering to Wikipedia's community policies. This will affect future opportunities of publishing a page, as there is a record of all deleted pages, including details on why they were removed

Surprisingly, many more organizations/media personalities/athletes are eligible for a Wikipedia page, if the correct steps are taken. Our researchers will do a background check & audit which includes analyzing all Wikipedia's blacklists. We will verify if the subject you're interested in publishing fits Wikipedia's community guidelines. If presently, your subject does not fit the criteria, our consultants will advise you on what your next steps should be to improve eligibility in the near future

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